Team & Group Photos

Impactful group photos that are easily updated as your team grows and changes.

Bel Air Photography creates Team & Group photos by taking individual photos of each member and compositing those individual photos into a seamless and realistic group photo.

Please note the following benefits of composited group photos.

  • Eliminate the logistical nightmare of getting everyone together on the same date, at the same time, and at the same location.
  • Teams tend to change over time…new members are added and occasionally some members leave the group. With a composite team photo, your photo can always be up to date and accurately reflect the current team member status. We can quickly and easily update your team photo by adding new members and/or removing members. You won’t have to get everyone back together again to update your team photo!
  • Each team member’s photo looks great! In standard group photos there is usually at least one person whose expression isn’t natural or whose pose is awkward. This does not happen in a composite group photo. Each member has input on which of their photos will be used for the group photo.
  • Each team member receives their individual photo to use however they would like, possibly in their own marketing and branding materials.
  • Your group photo can be created to include your team or company logo.

Pricing and Scheduling

Please contact me…we will discuss the best way we can create your group photo to promote your team, company, and brand. We’ll also discuss your desired timeframe for receiving your finished group photo. I will be able to quickly provide a proposal that specifically addresses your needs.

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