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The primary difference between headshot and portrait photos is how they will be used. Excellent headshots are most often needed for business cards, advertisements, auditions, website profiles, social media profiles, and other means of identification. Portraits are used in editorial news stories, model, actor and performer portfolios, lifestyle advertisements, blog posts, social media posts, publications, book covers, and even framed wall art.

Branding and lifestyle photos can communicate more about who you are, as well as inform about your profession and business. They can be full-length, standing, sitting, formal, casual, action, or interacting with your product or business environment. Really, any photo of you that helps to tell your story. Branding and lifestyle photos can be created in the studio or on location.

Pricing and Scheduling

Please contact me…we will discuss how you would like to use your photos and the best way we can create images that promote your brand. We’ll also discuss your desired timeframe for receiving your finished photos. I will be able to quickly provide a proposal that specifically addresses your needs.

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